How Simple Staging Improves Your Listing

Amy Bergan July 25, 2017 Selling


2 Types of Staging

  1. Vacant Staging – when the seller does not live in the property and the home is completely vacant.
  2. Occupied Staging – when the seller currently lives in the property. Often times this includes the seller’s property and is supplemented with furniture and accessories from the staging company.

For the purposes of this article, we are going to focus on vacant properties. I’m in the Denver market which is pretty hot right now. It’s sellers market and in a certain price point, when homes have a strong marketing strategy and are properly priced, they sell pretty quickly. I hear a lot of agents telling their clients ‘not to waste their money’ on staging in this market. That’s simply not true.

Reasons to Stage your Property

  1. Increase traffic to property – photos are the primary driver of traffic to your home. Staging will make your home look brighter, feel more inviting and will look much better in photos. It’s a pretty simple equation, the more traffic you can drive to your property, the greater your chances are for offers.
  2. Stand out against the competition – there are a LOT of homes on the market with poor marketing and terrible photos. Potential home buyers perceive your home’s value to be greater if it looks better than the competition (even if in reality it’s the same).
  3. Allows buyers to imagine living in your home – when looking online, it’s difficult to estimate the size of rooms that are vacant. Furniture allows buyers to imagine how their furniture can fit in the space.

It Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Staging can be expensive. To fully stage a home it can cost around $5,000 depending on the size and needs of the home. However, there are inexpensive and sometimes free ways to stage your property with props.

Focus on Kitchen & Bath

The kitchen and the bathroom are simple spaces to add color and decor. Think vibrant fruit bowls and fluffy towels. Simple steps in the bathrooms include shower curtains, fake flowers, towels, decorative soap dispensers etc. In the kitchen, consider fruit bowls, fake flowers and place settings if you have an island.

Add Bursts of Color to Large Spaces

Vacant living rooms can feel cold and unwelcoming to buyers. Add simple pieces like a vase in the corner with plants or a decorate candle holder on a mantel. You can help separate a living room / dining room space by adding a piece of artwork to the wall.

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting!

Add lamps to rooms with that don’t feature built in light fixtures. Not only will this make your photos brighter but it will provide lighting for showings after dark. Imagine a buyer walking into a vacant bedroom and there’s no light! Lighting is a must!

In Conclusion…

A picture tells 1000 words… see a few simple examples of a vacant condo vs. staged with props. This is a service many agents (including me!) provide to clients free-of-charge! Make sure to ask your agent for this service for your next listing. This listing received multiple offers the first day it was listed and went under contract with an offer 5% above asking price. Because of the staging and strong marketing, this property sold at a comparable price to the units that have been recently remodeled in the same complex.




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